Modern Apartments in Bonita Unified School District

When deciding where to move as you consider a new home, access to the right kind of local education is a crucial factor in narrowing down your options whenever kids are involved. At Amber Ridge Apartments, not only will you be treated to ultra-modern, updated, chic residences with all the amenities you could want in a home, but you’ll also find yourself in an apartment in Bonita Unified School District, which operates a series of schools that won’t disappoint.

Bonita Unified School District

With several elementary, middle, and high schools dispersed throughout the district, BUSD makes sure that no matter where you are, getting your children to school is a simple task; you won’t find yourself doubling your morning commute to work by having to drive vast distances just to drop them off. 

With a mission that includes creating “a safe, challenging, and comprehensive learning environment that will shape character, nurture intellect, and build skills for success in an ever-changing world,” you can rest easy knowing that the school you’ll be sending your kids to has their best interests at heart. This is a district that goes above and beyond to help develop its students into successful, upstanding members of society. 

The Bonita Center for the Arts

Not only do the schools in BUSD take it to the next level by embracing developing technologies to help further their ability to educate students, but they also encourage patronage of the arts. The Bonita Center for the Arts, a five-year-old performing arts center, is a testament to this commitment. Community members, student or otherwise, can take in an array of performances in the 700-seat center, which hosts everything from outside troupe events to concerts performed by students in the community. 

Students don't just have to take to the stage performances at BCA; they can also showcase their works of art in a gallery setting. It’s this type of positive reinforcement that helps encourage artistically minded students to hone their craft, paving the way for a potential future in the arts. 

Amber Ridge Apartments in La Verne, CA

If all of this sounds good to you, we’d love for you to consider one of our apartments in the Bonita Unified School District. You can’t ask for much more for your kids than to live in a place where the strong sense of community also carries over into their education.

View the floor plans of our 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom luxury apartments in La Verne, CA today. Ready to schedule a tour? Contact a leasing agent at Amber Ridge Apartments online or call us at 909-726-5053.

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